Secret Project Robot 10 year anniversary show.

Secret Project Robot Presents:

Summer of Robot: 10 years of Music, Art and Love

A series of events to celebrate our anniversary May 30th to August 22nd, 2015

Saturday May 30th 7pm-10pm

Opening Reception: 10 year anniversary  Art Show

We are pleased to announce that 2015 is the year that marks the 10-year anniversary of Secret Project Robot Art Experiment.  We will be celebrating our, now officially, long term existence as a cultural incubator and artistic and musical think-tank in New York City with a series of exhibitions, events and parties that underscore the experimental, collaborative intimate and fun nature of our programming that visitors, members and artists of all sorts have come to expect.

Thursday June 4th 8pm-Midnight

Friend Roulette Record Relase

With Tiny Hazard and Cantina

Friend Roulette are all friends, In the Summer of 2010, Matt got hit by a car and had about 2 months of recovery, writing songs on the piano with one hand. Julia hung out a lot. They formed a band. Added john on bass clarinet & ewi. Added their 2 favorite drummers, kyle & tlacael, on percussion. Slowly alot of synths snuck in & paul hogan(from frances)made them record an LP which is being released on this occasion…

Friday June 5th 7pm- Midnight

Audio Visual Salon: Secret Project Robot is pleased to present A/V Salon, a one night group exhibition of video and projections in which the artists' works operate both individually and in combination with each other to create a collaborative, live experience.  Outside in the Garden With: David Linton, Brock Monroe, Bradley Eros, Rachael Guma, Ginny Benson, Zach Layton, Erik Z and Jamie Marsh.

Saturday June 6th 3pm-10pm

Summer Stage Outdoor Theater and BBQ

A special daylong festival of art, music, theater and food for Buswhick Open Studios.  Featuring new plays by Cameron Stuart and Edward Lewis plus music and experimentation by the Sea Shells, August Wells, David Kadden, Bradley Bailey, Colin L. and Pleasure Craft

Saturday June 13th pm to Midnight with all day BBQ

Festival of the Sounds of Friends and Bands of Future Past, AKA Zach Fest

Honey, Dubknowdub,Ex Models, Knyfe Hyts, Beech Creeps, Zach Lehrhoff solo and Dance, Ovary Reaction, Firelake Mongrels, Eli Lehrhoff, Sto, Christine and Justine

Saturday June 20th Outdoor Show 3pm to 8pm$15 at the door

Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Earth Eater, Toothaches, Harribo, Bottoms, Fluct, Ryan Sawyer + Nate Wooley + Ben Vida, Barry London White Pants and DJ FITZ

Saturday June 27th

Andrew Jeffrey Wright Comedy Night

Comedy Dreamz from Philadelphia involves stand-up, sketch, video, a dance crew, DJs, and sometimes a dance party.

Sunday June 28th

Queens of Bushwig after parade Pride Tea Dance

July 10th

Ken Jacobs projections for JG Thirwell, DinMachine, Collapsible Shoulder and Rick Reed

July 17th

Ladies Auxilary presents:

Surrealist Dinner

Art as food with music by Barry London, Christy and Emily, High Life and Samara Lubelski


Saturday August 1st

KId milllions and Greg Fox Record Release



Ryan Sawyer

Saturday August 8th

Impose Magazine Festival

Thursday August 13th

Oneida with  Seabrook Power Plant

August 30nd

Summer Stage BBQ theater