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New York City Porn Film Festival

February 27th, 28th & March 1st


Welcome to the first ever NYC PORN FILM FESTIVAL!!! This festival in collaboration with Pornhub and Secret Project Robot is committed to bringing the best and most diverse body of work to New York City as a platform for both established and emerging talent.  The festival will give do credit to adult film as a significant and socially/culturally relevant art form.

In the 21st century, in what some maintain as a post-postmodern world void of metanarrative or a single predominant ideology, we are still socially inhibited by the societal constructs of 19th century Victorian sex.  Even as sexual experimentation has become a right of passage for most healthy adults, putting sexuality on the silver screen and in the context of high art has remained illusive… The New York City Porn Film Festival puts to rest our personal taboos of sexploitation and celebrates the art of pornography, from documentary, to the classic in and out, from the esoteric to the erotic, this film festival allows the viewer to engage publicly in what most of us already tend to privately.

The Festival is a celebration of sexuality as art, which will display films that challenge the notion of sex according to the proscribed male dominated narrative, and the social constructs of “sexy.”   The movies will be displayed as a means to explore ourselves as sexual beings, to come to understand the differences in what turns us on, grosses us out or makes us curious and hopefully encourages individualism and experimentation.

The New York City Porn Film Festival has partnered with Pornhub as a way to move this conversation forward and to acknowledge the need for experts with access to a diverse body of work.

The festival will take place over the course of three days and aims to support independent, experimental, low or non-budget productions, to place sexuality and porn in context and recognize it as a medium and an industry within the arts and to display all diversity regarding sexuality, gender expression, body culture, class, fetishism & race, with a focus on dynamic genders & sexualities and to create a discussion on the social and cultural impact of pornography.