Secret Project Robot


Monday - Thursday 6pm- 2am-ish often later

Friday & Saturday 4pm - 4am

Sunday 4pm to 1am


Events Almost Daily- Check the Calendar

We Are located at 1186 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11221 right off the JZ Koskioszko stop or a 12 minute walk from the Myrtle Broadway M train...

  • Below is our Instagram Feed which will give you daily info on what DJ's are happening in the bar, who is working and what is going on in the gallery...
  • The Money from the Bar goes to help funding the art space... please drink, support and tip, 
  • All the Servers and Sound people are fellow artists

In 2017 in an effort to fund Secret Project Robot and create a sustainable art space and a daily hangout for artists, musicians and the like minded Secret Project Robot teamed up with new friends and partners to create Cuckoo, a bar which is physically attached to the gallery space, but can also be visited separately from the gallery and events. 

Secret Project Robot desires to be a fully self sustaining artist run art space. Using sales from the Bar we are aiming to create a new way to run and finance an art space and art.