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Dreaming In the Now

Dreaming in the Now…

The First intercontinental Summit of Utopians

Opening at Secret project robot May 10th, 2017 through June 6th, 2017

1186 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11221

Dreaming in the Now is Secret Project Robot’s first art installation at it’s new location at 1186 Broadway.  In this show artists, musicians, collectives and the like-hearted will create handmade flags which they will use to represent themselves, at this first intercontinental summit of Utopians… The flags are to be displayed in the gallery, the great hall of flags, in which the artists will gather to manifest a further vision for the future…

Starting in the 19th century and those year leading up into our own, art was given the capacity, by society, to have collective meaning and a mandate to change the perspective of the world. Art was a place of political mobilization, organization, knowledge of the sublime and divergent competing visions of the future.  Even if flawed, by allowing us to see culture, often as it was or could be, art was a call to action amongst the creative, an imperative to imagine and to envision a different world.

At the dawning of the 20th century, in a cynical landscape, in the midst of multiple ideological wars, first against communism and then against facsism and then against communism again, the images of artists and philosophical movements were labled propaganda by which ever authority did not deem them of use at the moment. Art was forced, by the status quo, by governments that killed intellectuals and artists or hunted them down through senatorial hearings, into a postion of impotence.  This is not to say that their was not political art, nor is it to say that fringe outliers such as the hippies or punk rock were not succesful in mobilizing, it is rather to say that so often these movements either remained fringe and thus could not be accessible to the masses or they were co-opted by the status quo and comidified, a’ la “OBEY…”

It is no wonder then that art, in the latter half of the 20th century, turned to the self, into a subconscious that could be explored without complicity in a system designed against human interest.  Art suffered, philosophically speaking, it became the bantar of existentialism’s narcissitic obsession with individualized experience and even worse the exscuse for post-modern nihlism.

As artists, our 50 year fight against complicity in the system, ironically, has made us part of the problem.  It is a game played upon us by the neo-liberal patriarchal system that wants to quantify all human achievement in cash amounts, to trivialize our power to unite, and we have bought in… We no longer think in terms of movements, we no longer seek to change the world, we identify in smaller and smaller groups, we price our work according to time cards and hours just as the rest of society, we see our value only monitarily and think of ourselves as failures when we do not “sell.”

Artists, to a large extent, have been silenced creating art as simply a product, a banal reflection of the consumer society we live in.  However, during this period, of rampant political distress that we now find ourselves living, is it not of importance to ask, who does our silence serve..

Art as only a product is stasis, it is banality, but images and symbols can have meaning.  Meaning that is able to transcend political boundries and to seep into the psyche and change the human condition.  It is the responsibilty of artists and philosphers, in an age of unreason to design an inclusive vision of the future.  

And, that is why this art show Dreaming in the Now, is a call to action, The first intercontintenal summit of Utopian artists of the 21st century to lead in the revolution of ideas against the status quo.