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TREVORSHAUS: Mario Augustous Galeanous / Ghost Piss / Soojin Chang / LEYA / Abyss X / Maassai / Sapphogeist | Curated by Caitlin Baucom

TREVORSHAUS is a curatorial experiment dedicated to immediacy for its community of artists. In its first year it has programmed a monthly series with artists such as MSHR, Eartheater, René Kladzyk, and Sarah Kinlaw, and premiered the immersive sci-fi opera GENERATION SHIP at Mana Contemporary, featuring commissions from a community of Brooklyn artists. TREVORSHAUS is curated by Caitlin Baucom with Patrick Estabrook, Charlotte Gettings, and Nate Gettings.





Soojin Chang



PERFORMANCE ART SERIES: curated by Kathleen Dycaico, Monica Mirabile & Jake Dibeler

Earlier Event: May 14
Later Event: May 19
International Winners