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Sweet Deities: Hive Mind-fullness -- Consumption as Possession | Curated by Jahmal B. Golden

Sweet Deities: Hive Mind-fullness -- Consumption as Possession

 This performance is an extension of my idée fixe - bees, honey and exorcism. By joining bodies together in dialogue with these three ideas, I hope to convey the urgency of all three in today’s world. 

There are a multitude of ways in which a body can consume and be consumed by honey - we will demonstrate a variety of them. The effects of each are to be experienced in real time by the performers and the audience alike. 

The performers will perform alongside testimonies of their their sweetest memories and fears for the earth as well as the sounds made by The Cradle and myself. 

Artists including Nico Fuentes, India Menuez, Jerome AB, The Cradle, and more will come together for a night of sweet worship - through music, spoken word and movement, we will create a shift in our collective conscious that will reshape the way we interact with our wilting planet. May this performance act as libation to the earth - may we all be moved, maybe we will laugh together, maybe we will *think* a little.