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BUFU: West African Dance Class, Celestial Object, Holding

5-6:30pm: West African Dance Class

7-pm: FLY: Celestial Object: Black Diamond in the rough

9pm-12am: Holding: A black Queer Love Story

BUFU   is   a   collaborative   living   archive   centered   around   (pan)Black   and   (pan)Asian   cultural   and   political relationships.   We,   the   founders   of   this   project,   are   a   collective   of   queer,   femme   and   non­binary,   Black   and East­Asian   artists   and   organizer.   Our   goal   is   to   facilitate   a   global   conversation   on   the   relationship   between   Black   & Asian   diasporas,   with   an   emphasis   on   building   solidarity,   de­centering   whiteness,   and   resurfacing   our   deeply interconnected   and   complicated   histories.   We   attempt   to   achieve   this   through   our   programming,   visual   archives, interactive   doc,   and   through   building   long­term   partnerships   with   collectives,   organizations,   and   individuals In   collaboration   with:

RAGGA, Sisters   Circle   Collective, YJC, Odiosas, NGR Creative, Jahajee Sisters, Rhythm & Breath, QTPOC Mental Health Initiative, Get Artists Paid, Art Hoe Collective, Black Girl Magik Sad Asian Girls Club, BYP 100, Brooklyn Boihood, PAPI Juice, MAMI, Harriet’s Apothecary Smart Girls Club, Herban Cura, BWA for BLM, DGA, Discwoman, Sacred Vibes Apothecary TestOURmonials Project, Casitas Wisdom, BAJI, Femmepremacy

What: This   July   we   are   planning   a   four   week   lead   up   of   programming   sharing   strategies,   resources,   skills   between/on collectives   and   collective   organizing   throughout   the   five   boroughs. Each   week   will   focus   on   how   we   build   together   through   organizing,   healing,   nightlife,   art,   etc,   culminating   in   one final   day­long   gathering   on   July   1st.   These   events   will   take   place   at   various   locations   across   New   York   City, activating   SPR   on   Wednesday   and   Saturdays.  Each   Wednesday   in   July,   we   will   be   hosting   a   series   of   performance   nights   and   art   happenings   and   on   Saturdays we   will   be   hosting   a   day   market/zine   fair/art   jams   ­   ending   in   a   party. We   are   also   wanting   to   have   a   moveable   mural/graffiti   walls   in   the   outdoor   space   for   the   month   of   July. 

Why:  Last   June   (2016),   we   held   space   in   a   warehouse   in   Clinton   Hill   for   30   days,   and   did   115   programs   in   total.   At   the time   it   felt   politically   urgent   and   necessary   for   us   to   take   over   one   space   and   to   be   able   to   share   that   space   with our   communities.   This   year   it   feels   more   urgent   for   us   to   be   accessible   to   more   people   throughout   the   boroughs and   to   build   relationships   across   different   collectives   in   a   time   where   so   many   of   us   are   creating   new, self­determined   models   of   what   we   want   our   work   to   look   like   and   figuring   out   how   to   build   collaboratively   with one   another   in   our   different   approaches   to   the   work.   In   times   where   institutions,   programs,   and   organizations   are being   de­funded   and   unsupported   by   the   government,   how   can   we   learn   to   self­generate   resources,   support   one another   and   help   each   other   thrive.

Earlier Event: July 11
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