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TIME HORIZONS Video Screening

Video work by : Bebe Yama | Paul Remund | Erin Grant | Ben Mendelewicz | Autumn Ahn | Stine Deja | Phillip Rylad Ford

Curated by Sara Blazej

“In our leisure we reveal what kind of people we are.” -Ovid

Drawing its grounding from the study of affect and leisure theory, Leisure explores ideas around vacation and free time, specifically as they relate to aspirational fantasy, perceived freedom and the desire for release. The single-night exhibition will take the form of durational video, soundscape and performance, orbiting and interacting with a central water-based installation. 

With a society of work comes a culture of escape. Together, they move us toward the ever more elusive attainment of “the good life,” a utopian scenario administered throughout life in doses of varying size and regularity: the summer getaway, happy hour, television. This exhibition will look at the emotional attachments associated with the “good life” fallacy, the mechanisms by which it is perpetuated and the internal conditions that it yields. Participating artists will address and/or embody affective responses connected to work, rest, expectation, desire disappointment, such as emotional labor and the catharsis of recreation. Additionally, the show will seek to address luxury, tourism, the desire for “experience capital,” ultimately seeking to uncover and subvert power structures underlying “work” and “play.”



Earlier Event: August 31