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Art Opening: "the static was natural, the music was human" 

"the static was natural, the music was human" 

Ashcan Institute for Self Organizing Pattern Research + Sto Len

Followed by a free performance with: Warm Drag, Sediment Club, Brian Hill

Ashcan Institute for Self Organizing Pattern Research  presents documents from it’s investigations with closed loop video feedback. Using mirrors to create a pseudo kaleidoscope between the camera and television the Institute has been able to manipulate the chaotic feedback loop between camera and TV in order to allow certain complexities to blossom from the simple physical process.  A collection of still images, video, and interactive viewing interfaces will be on display to allow the spectator to witness and examine the findings. It is the hope of the A.I.S.O.P.R. to convey the ease at which order and complexity rise out of seeming noise and chaos in the natural world.     


“Nothing in the world is softer or weaker than water

Yet nothing is better at overcoming the hard and strong” - Lao Tzu


Sto Len has been researching water as a medium, language, tool, and collaborator for the past 5 years. His meditative style of printmaking  captures a moment in time in nature with a mono print.  Layers of oil paint, vegetable oils, spray paint, dirt and various debris is built up on the water surface in large kiddie pools, wooden trays and buckets for hours and sometimes days while preparing a print. Outdoor pools collect raindrops and leaves while patterns are allowed time to develop on their own.


Renouncing the fussiness historically associated with paper marbling, Sto’s work instead celebrates chaos by finding the rhythm and pattern within water's movement. For this exhibition, Sto will showcase new experiments on wood and found objects  that begin to take on new sculptural forms. 


Sto Len is a painter, printmaker, sound and performance artist with interests in improvisation and experimentation within a variety of media. His process-based work employs nature as both a medium and a collaborator in an investigation of our relationship to the physical world. 

He currently lives and works in Brooklyn. 

Earlier Event: September 11
ZZZ walk Drone Show
Later Event: September 14