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Rythmic Discourse: Texas Addition

The countries second biggest state has bubbling underground music and art scene. Austin stands in the center of this movement and city is already surrounded with myths and legends of its nightlife culture. 
This event is a welcome to individuals, who are a big part of the Austin’s rising underground DYI scene and now relocating to NY. For this special occasion we gathered lineup of Texas affiliated sound and visual artists

✪ Bill Converse (Dark Entries Records/T.R.U. /Tabernacle Records, Austin, Texas)
A true Texan, Bill is superb DJ and producer, who just delivered wonderful “The Shape of Things to Come” album on Dark Entries.

✪ DJ Speculator aka Willie Burns (WT Records/Rush Hour/ L.I.E.S.)
Iconic producer and DJ, long time Brooklyn resident, William Burnett is originally from San Antonio. Willie is still very close to the local Texas scene and plays there frequently.

✪ Valera LIVE (Austin/NY)
Tamale House East is not just an amazing taco restaurant. Run by Robertand his family, Tamale hosts wild night parties and Robert is one of the key persons responsible for bringing international acts to Austin. 
Besides that, Robert is a synth freak and time has come to let those amazing analog sounds fly in NY. 

✪ Mauricio Menjivar (Austin/NY)
Houston born, long time Austin resident now relocated to NY. Dark and exploratory, industrial electro & acid, tripped out EBM, and who knows. If not behind the decks catch them on the dance floor thrashing their body around with no end in sight.

✪ Visuals by Samantha Gibble (Austin/NY):
Samantha Gibble is an intermedia artist whose interests involve interacting with live signals, synesthesia, re-appropriating and exploring the limitations of so called "obsolete technology," thresholds, flux, repetition, and proto-architectural forms.

mscln (Rhythmic Discourse)