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Pamela and Her Sons, Ole Mic Odd, Sold, Axine M, Deflector, Eel Tank, Plebeian and Alien D

Justin and Dan are Getting SPOOKY!!!!
That's right, for this most ghoulish of months, these two glasses-wearing knuckleheads have put their brains together for a show that mixes together some of the best doing it, with a heavy emphasis on the shared space between the Sweat Equity and Embalming Lately labels. Lots of freekz coming through on tour for this one, and maybe some early tricks and/or treats as well!!!!

PAMELA AND HER SONS, beyond having one of the more incredible project names in recent memory, is a powerful track-maker and performer, mixing chugging techno inclinations with dense layered soundscapes and vocal work, a mix of samples and manipulations that makes their work for CGI and Embalming Lately (as one half of Big Ded) endlessly engrossing. Tune in ;D

Maybe you've tuned into Mike Padgett (aka OLE MIC ODD)'s Instagram in recent months, as he's wandered the four corners of the US, picking up records and laying down blistering techno and freak-boogie with a string of labels included Nerang, Sweat Equity, 99 Cents, and NY Haunted. One time he accidentally threw a hatchet at one of us, but tonight he'll focus on just making sure the tunes are razor-sharp when he hits the decks

Also joining from outside the greater NY Metro area is SOLD, a resident of Chicago's dance mecca Smart Bar, and an all-around talent whose sets mix together pumping house and techno with a penchant for evolving, ever-shifting vibes. A can't miss set for sure!!!

Maybe you've caught AXINE M before, maybe you haven't, either way now's your chance, as they bring their rip-cord pacing and kaleidoscopic compositions to touch down on the floor of SPR.

A Philly mainstay, EEL TANK has been carving up the east coast in recent months, and comes through this October on the back of an excellent tape with Embalming Lately. Scorched earth sonics and a distinct electro framework define their work in the project, but so does a refusal to paint the project into corners.... so I guess we'll see where we end up!!!

We've also got a live set from resident studio smartypants PLEBEIAN, whose hyper-loaded live sets mix hypnotic, hazy soundscapes and out-there broken beat arrangements that make him a perennial can't miss.

ALIEN D and DEFLECTOR will also be sharing the decks for this one, mixing it up live and proper with an early warm-up and sporadic tunes between sets. If you've heard them both solo, then you kno that the two together are a force to be reckoned with ;D


$10 at the spot, come make it hot
We got the tunes, but consider this thought
If you break the rules, we'll through you out dude.

Respect for your fellow party-goers is a must. Disrespectful attitudes and oppressive behavior shan't be tolerated.

Check you on zee FLIPSIDE!!!!