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John Bender, Cube, Sibling, Valerie Martino and Isolde Touch

Quo Vadis Presents

John Bender - Live
Cube - Live
Sibling - Live
Valerie Martino - Live
Isolde Touch - Live

We're teaming up with Adam Morosky, a frequent partner in crime, for this event which he curated for us!

John Bender [Superior Viaduct]
"The few self-issued recordings by experimental electronic musician John Bender attained legendary status decades after their initial release during the early '80s. Bender's bizarre, shadowy songs were inspired by Robert Ashley and Pere Ubu, and recorded using bare-bones recording equipment and primitive synthesizers. He issued three full-length LPs and a few cassettes before vanishing; subsequently, his recordings became holy grails for aficionados of minimal synth, avant-garde, and obscure music in general."
-Superior Viaduct

Superior Viaduct reissued 'I Don't Remember Now / I Don't Want To Talk About It' and 'Plaster Falling' in 2016 and followed up with a reissue of the final LP 'Pop Surgery' this year

Cube [Publicity Cube]
"Cube is an experimental electronic music project from Adam Keith of Oakland, California. Musically, he touches on industrial, dub, techno, noise, and more, but does so with a distinctly personal, emotional touch — the spirit of a singer-songwriter lurks underneath his waves of distortion."
-Left Hand Path

Equal parts self deprecation and aggression, Sibling (Lux Phillips and Jacob Winans) is an experiment in planned obsolescence that pairs grating electronics with unrelenting screams and relies on duality to sustain itself. Their forthcoming tape “Survivors Guilt” will be coming out on Hot Releases in early 2019

Valerie Martino
Valerie Martino epitomizes the present-day dichotomy of the eclectic and experimental subset of music known simply as noise

Martino is a primary agitator in the scene's gradual (and then exponential) embrace of electronic dance music spanning from cold wave and industrial to minimal techno and acid house. In fact, as Unicorn Hard-On, she was one of the first former sonic aggressors who came to appreciate some rhythm
-Matt Preira

Isolde Touch
Isolde Touch is the project of Asha Sheshadri, a multidisciplinary artist. Inspired by her interest in archival material and memory construction, she works at the intersection of speech synthesis, found and original text and field recording. Her essayistic sound practice layers lost and silenced histories, original writings, and text sourced from found documents and thinkers she admires, creating an environment of "richly textured “musical” and “non-musical” backdrops", in which "sources shine through like light beams where they could easily be buried in fog."
Asha has released work via several imprints including Entr'acte Recordings, Recital Program, with forthcoming release on Anomia

Later Event: November 17