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UNSEELIE pt. 1: Motion Graphics


A night of mischief and whimsy - a portal to the gates of the faerie court


MotionGraphics (Domino) is the solo project of NY based electronic artist Joe Williams. In August 2016, Domino released the debut Motion Graphics album, a unique and compelling collection of richly detailed widescreen compositions, inspired in part by the ambient sound effects of digital menu systems that decorate today’s auditory landscape. Creating custom randomized software instruments, Williams’ mimics the erraticism of the Twitter timeline and the aggregated news feed, while incorporating elements of techno-pop and jazz, sequenced through the superhuman capabilities of a computer. 

sentinel (UNSEELIE) is an audio-visual artist interested in the digital process of sound, design, and story telling. He creates environments constructed out of pieces of contemporary life. 

Dasychira (UNSEELIE/Blueberry) is a South African electronic artist based in NYC. By working with unusual found sounds and textures, Dasychira offers a personal perspective on the media he works with. 

Embaci (NON) is a singer-songrwriter and producer from New York. She teamed up with NON Worldwide and Mexico City’s N.A.A.F.I. to release her first project, NON vs N.A.A.F.I. Embaci uses her music as sonic declarations. 

QUALIATIK (UNSEELIE) is the multimedia project of Philadelphia native and producer/singer/songwriter Arielle Herman. Known for her dynamic live show, her feverishly introspective music has been described as ethereal, restless, and bursting with life. 

Liyo (H E 4 R T B R O K E N) is a Belgium-based DJ, curator, and co-founder of Brussels' HE4RTBROKEN collective. With a focus on emotion and reinvention, her sets challenge traditional club spaces and aim to stretch the way genre is used. 

Visuals by:

S.A Mayer



✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ 


$8 Advance (with special gift)

$10 at Door

❦ UNSEELIE is Sentinel, Dasychira & QUALIATIK ❦