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EARWORM returns to summon the fathomless abyss and blow bubbles inside out yet again! Join us for an evening of music, performance and animation to delight in and to despair in in equal measure! Come for the plastic pastel poetry, revolving violin vibrations and lugubrious leaden lullabyes, but stay for the sweaty swampy synths and clattering cacchinating cartoons!

Featuring the talents of illustrious oneiromancers:

Candystore O. McCritter
Irina Jasnowski Pascual

Nate Flagg

Patrick Gallagher

and Virginia Lee Montgomery

with Jamie Kuei on violin!

But seriously folks, how wide is the invisible tunnel that forms at the end of one's pointing finger??? And when someone who's bow legged and someone who's knock-kneed get together, can they really spell "OK"? BOOGEDY-BOOGEDY-BOOGEDY! See you soon!


March 6th, Secret Project Robot. Doors at 8:30, show at 9:00! $10.00 door