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Change is good: The unseelie firmly believed that security was an illusion. They considered chaos to be the ruling force in the universe, and accepted that they had to adapt and change to survive.

UNSEELIE Pt. 2 Featuring:

No Bra 

No Bra aka Susanne Oberbeck is an industrial electronic act known for their confrontational, sexually ambiguous topless performances and explicit lyrics. No Bra was founded in east London and had an underground hit with the track "Munchausen", released 2 full length albums to critical acclaim and has performed at venues varying from art establishments like the Tate Gallery and Centre Pompidou to gay sex dungeons, as well as touring North America and Europe. No Bra has collaborated with artist such as Wolfgang TIllmans, Mykki Blanco, The Raincoats, Bruce LaBruce, and Hood By Air, and is currently recording their 3rd full length album.

Organ Tapes (Genome 6.66 Mbp)

Organ Tapes is a shadowy producer and mumble-singer who is based in London and Shanghai, and moves among global club collectives like Bala Club, Club Chai, and Tobago Tracks. Encountered under a strobe light on a dancefloor, his sparse dancehall-inspired compositions are uniquely affecting — but for me, his twisted lullaby style makes his music best suited to headphones on the bus home. His newest release, Into One Name, was released on December 30th on Chinese label Genome 6.66 Mbp. Pitchfork described Organ Tapes' work as "sentiment straight from the gut." 

DEBIT (Animus Live Debut, NAAFI

NAAFI Producer Debit will be performing her debut album Animus! Animus consists of a cross genre between dance and ambient tracks, exploring the fundamentals tenets of the genres, while narrating the artist’s interpretation of the animus. Animus is about the gendered body’s inner struggle between the personal consciousness and the social consciousness of their sexuality in a spectrum of codified sex. The key to controlling one's animus is to recognize it when it manifests and to discern it apart from our reality. Each track is a point of tension and resolution, the ebbs and flows in rhythms speak to the inner struggle we all necessarily go through in order to face and resolve our issues with our animus.

7038634357 (Genome 6.66 Mbp)

7038634357 is the alias of Neo Gibson (b. 1995), a musician born and raised in Arlington, VA. They currently live in New York City. Previous releases include 2017's LYSE on Brooklyn's Pastel Voids, and 2017's MY VISION OF THE SUN, a self-released EP. More background and contact information can be found on their website Their newest release XPETAL, is a loosely narrative 5-track EP. It explores the inner soundtracks of suburban anxiety comedowns, and dreams for futures of radical justice.


DasychiraQUALIATIK and sentinel are gonna be on the decks spinning rare tracks, club favorites, and unreleased edits into spiderwebs.

Art installation piece by Kodi Fabricant

✿ 🕷 ✿ 🕷 ✿ 🕷 ✿ 🕷 ✿ 🕷 ✿ 🕷 ✿ 🕷 ✿ 🕷 ✿ 🕷 ✿ 🕷 ✿ 🕷 


$8 Advance (with special gift)

$10 at Door

❦ UNSEELIE is Sentinel, Dasychira & QUALIATIK ❦

Dormant bulb unchained
Flesh and tooth remain
Petals tattered mark
Buttery spirits dark
Unseelie portal cross
Veil of thorn and frost

Earlier Event: March 15
Bayley Blaisdell Curates
Later Event: March 17
Club Etiquette Vol.10