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Jonathan Kane's February/Floom/Gull/Invisible Circle

Jonathan Kane is a Downtown NYC legend—as co-founder of the no-wave behemoth Swans, and the rhythmic thunder behind the massed-guitar armies of Rhys Chatham and the rock excursions of La Monte Young—and one of the hardest-hitting drummers on the planet. With his ensemble February, Kane summons Swans’ concussive wallop, Chatham’s dense guitar strata, and the perpetual propulsion of 70s krautrockers Neu, then steers it all head-on into… the blues. Make no mistake about it: Kane is a bluesman, and beneath the high-decibel bombast of these instrumentals, he’s powering guitar-driven minimalism into the blues, and the blues into guitar-driven harmonic maximalism. So roll with Jonathan Kane down his Highway 61 of the mind—it’s the shape of blues to come.

Nathaniel Rappole’s project Gull is best described as a drum; a living, breathing, squawking drum that cries out assorted music of creatures past and delivers it from a single unique perspective; a communal music broadcast of blood and bile left as an offering on the altar of sound. 
Gull has been active for more than a decade and has spent the better part of the past 5 years touring vigorously ~ playing venues, on the streets and in the wilds of North and Central America, Kenya and Europe. 
Gull has toured in support of White Rabbits, Tres Mts and RNDM and has shared the arena with the likes of Silver Apples, Girl Talk, Deerhoof, Adrian Belew, Panda Bear and Melt Banana...

Floom is Maxx Katz's experiment in doom metal, melding crushing guitar and desolation with flute’s wild expressive range. Influenced by noise and improvisation, the result moves with a disregard for genre and the limits of communication. This special trio edition features Catherine Monnes on vox/noise and Kevin Davis on synth.

INVISIBLE CIRCLE is psych drone songs and jams

Doors at 8PM