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Che Chen & David Watson/Eve Essex & Dan Fox/Frye / Shafiee / Stardrum

Che Chen & David Watson have been active as a duo since 2014, playing in underground and experimental music spaces and occasionally, outdoors. They use amplified strings, reeds, electronics and bagpipes, setting sustained tones against discreet gestures, silence, and noise. Their improvisations emphasize the scale, duration, and position of sounds in space. Originally a guitarist, Watson has developed an experimental approach for the bagpipes. He has had projects with vocalists Shelley Hirsch and Makigami Koichi, The Afternoon Saints (a group project with Lee Ranaldo, Christian Marclay and Günter Muller) and Glacial, (with Lee Ranaldo and Tony Buck). He has written  experimental pieces for traditional pipe-bands, and Phill Niblock created the piece “Bag” using his sounds. He organizes the WORK series. Chen plays guitar in the band 75 Dollar Bill and has been an energetic improviser and organizer in New York City for the last decade. He is also a member of the band True Primes and has collaborated with Aki Onda, Tashi Dorji, Tetuzi Akiyama, Chie Mukai, Amirtha Kidambi, Robbie Lee, and many others. He organizes the monthly Fire Over Heaven series at Outpost.


Eve Essex & Dan Fox

Eve Essex is a Brooklyn-based musician who performs with alto saxophone, piccolo, voice and electronics, harnessing elements of classical, drone, avant-jazz, and distorted pop. Her first solo album, 'Here Appear', was released by Soap Library (cassette) and Sky Walking (LP) in 2018. She additionally performs with ensembles Das Audit, Hesper and HEVM.


Dan Fox is a writer, editor and filmmaker living in New York. He co-runs the record label Junior Aspirin Records, and has performed and recorded with the bands Big Legs, Skill 7 Stamina 12, Advanced Sportswear and Norwegian Lady. In addition to working with Eve Essex, he is currently recording an album with The God in Hackney for release early next year. His new book, 'Limbo', will be published by Fitzcarraldo Editions in October.


Frye / Shafiee / Stardrum


Arian Shafiee (Guerilla Toss) , Booker Stardrum (Cloud Becomes Your Hand) and Justin Frye (PC Worship) improvise in a trio setting for the second time. 





8PM  $10