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Closing party for "There Is Only One Of You" -- Photographs by Walter Wlodarczyk

Closing party for "There Is Only One Of You" -- Photographs by Walter Wlodarczyk

Enjoy your last chance to see the show, this time with performances and much more!

* Doors open at 4 pm

* View the photos in the gallery for free until 8 pm

* 7 pm in the back yard -- A very special intervention by Huge Sillytoe & Papo Cucaracha Vertedero el 3ro -- don't miss it!

* Show at 8 pm in the gallery ($8) featuring...

** Space Meow Doll **

Undiagnosed intergalactic cool cat Dooll Chao has been making her mark on Brooklyn since crashing her space scooter into Broadway during the summer of 2013 (true story). None other than Skinny Apartment proprietor David Drucker has called her "legendary" and "one of Brooklyn's most famous personalities." Come hop on Dooll's "Long Vacation in BK" and if you ask nicely, she might invent a DJ name for you.

** Cold Blinds **

Hailing from somewhere in the aether, Cold Blinds will materialize to grace us with their mystical melodies. Truly one of the most masterful shredders you will ever see in the flesh -- not to be missed!

** Randy Stair **

Escape the corporeal realm, conveyed by Randy Stair's raging sonics. Combination of meat, metal and code, half of Sibling, fully blistering. Ear plugs a necessity as the gallery is transformed into a Sopranos fever dream too intense for television.

** Inspect Element **

Member of pioneering Miami acts such as BOTTOM TEXT and Jesus' Dad, Sam Hafferty has spent the past year infusing NYC with their Soylent-powered work. Sam will probably have a new name for this project by the time Labor Day rolls around (RIP Pitstain), but no matter the moniker, this set will be a complete meal.

** Robot Death **

You've never heard children's toys sound like this. Who is the mad genius inside the patchwork costume made of beloved animated characters? You must come through to find out...


We'll also have...

Food! Delicious bites courtesy of Stephanie Leibowitz!

Tattoos by Nyssa!

DJ Dean Cercone (The Actual Dean Cercone) 4 - 9!
PILL DJs 9 - Close!


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