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Zodiac Sax Quartet, Whispers of Night (ATL), J Pavone, L Brode

Whispers of Night (ATL)
Whispers of Night is an acoustic experimental improvisation duo featuring Majid Araim and Benjamin Shirley on a variety of instruments and timbres. Inspired by musicians and composers such as Anthony Braxton, George Crumb, and Tatsuya Nakatani, the duo draws on world folk music traditions and focuses on creative expression, respect, and collaborative exploration of sound. The duo performs sets of completely improvised music, honing a sympathetic and dynamic musical bond. Formed in early 2014 in Atlanta, Whispers of Night has self-released two limited edition cassettes, and will release a new set of recordings in fall 2018.

Jessica Pavone

Lucas Brode

Zodiac Saxophone Quartet - Charles Waters, Lee Odom, Ras Moshe, Claire Daly