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Black and Beautiful

Kamra Sadia Hakim, Keiyaa, Isa Reyes, and Crystal Simone celebrate their Blackness and beauty on stage for Black history month! Come support Black women. Pay Black women. Love us. We do the most for ya'll! ♥

Kamra Hakim aka Priestess Power is an experimental soul singer pushing on boundaries of sonic exploration by using music as a tool to communicate liminal messages.

Keiyaa is a singer and producer, poet, and instrumentalist whose work explores Black American female identity and seeks to honor and experiment with black sonic traditions.

Crystal Simone aka cryscross is the Afrofuturist babe who remains down to earth. She is a DJ and graphic designer. As a Black woman, she creates art to give others a sense of empowerment and confidence. Her goals are to diversify the media, support local arts movements and show black and brown women the God within them.

PS // We booked this show ourselves. We are forever inspired by the force of passion.