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6 Unusual A/V Sets w/ Derek Holzer

6 singular approaches to abstract audiovisual performance.

Laser A/V, Oscillographic Sound, Modular Video Synthesis, Feedback Systems, Experimental Electronics, DIY and Circuit Bent Video Machines.

Third installment of a series started in 2014 by Jonas Bers.


Derek Holzer (USA 1972) is a sound+light artist based in Helsinki & Berlin, whose current interests include DIY electronics, audiovisual instrument building, the relationship between sound and space, media archaeology, and participatory art forms. He has performed live, taught workshops and created scores of unique instruments and installations since 2002 across Europe, North and South America, and New Zealand.

In Jonas Bers’ work, analogue displays and their supplementary technologies are re-wired, plugged back in, and given an alternate timeline. By manipulating the flow of electrical current, the tight coordinate systems used to reproduce flat video images become endlessly sculptural planes in Euclidean space.

Jonas Bers is a Hudson-Valley based media performance artist working with hand built and hacked audiovisual systems. Bers' works incorporate salvaged scientific apparatus, VHS-era editing machines, surveillance cameras, and military surplus devices into tools for real-time performance.

Paloma Kop is an electronic media artist working with early video equipment, feedback loops, and experimental hardware and software techniques to produce audio-visual performances, compositions, and installations. Her work often takes the form of evolving ambient sounds and imagery that resemble organic forms and fluid flow-fields.

Mike Sidnam is an audiovisual artist and engineer from New York, working with modular synthesizers, homebrew electronics, oscillography, video equipment and positive feedback systems.

VX Bliss is the solo project of intermedia artist Ginny Benson. Her live performances use analog synthesis to create densely layered electronic music that drifts between melodic soundscape and atonal noise, integrated with video collages made from VHS tapes, circuit bent mixers, and feedback.

Dead Lion
have you ever heard a dead lion roar?