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CONTACT INFORMATION: For all booking inquiries, please send an email to the appropriate account below...

Secret Project Robot is an artist run art space in Brooklyn, NewYork.  Established in 2004, it has hosted some major events in the history of New York's culture of DIY and artist run spaces since the 2000's, including secret shows by Spiritualized, performances by Laurie Anderson and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's not to mention thousands of art shows, parties, installations, performance pieces, bbq's and bands.   Secret Project Robot is highly selective in putting together shows, so please describe the event, in detail, that you are seeking before submitting a proposal to a curator.

As always thank you for thinking of us and for sending your amazing ideas...

For bands, fiims, dj's or parties:      

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  • For Music Events,  doors are at 9pm with load in at 8pm, sometimes we say doors at 8 to get people their earlier, but there will not be a person collecting money for venue until 9pm
  • For Parties doors should be at 10pm with last DJ scheduled to end by 3:45
  • For Performance art and theater doors should be at 9pm with a 2 hour maximum set up time prior to event


  • Secret Project Robot is 21+ unless otherwise noted... Children accompanied by an adult are welcome before 10pm... sorry we had an 18 year old issue once and they ruined it for everyone!!!
  • There is almost always an art installation up in the performance gallery space... If you are looking for a white box or a darkened venue, you need to make arrangements about 3 months ahead of time.
  • Shows at SPR are fluid in nature, though we don't often book events back to back in the gallery, there will often be a show in the gallery and a DJ party in the bar.
  • All shows are run by fellow artists, we do not indulge VIP attitudes, please submit all proposals with love and show up ready to hang out as friends.
  • Please check our calendar before sending a booking inquiry to make sure the date of interest is available.*
  • Shows will only be confirmed once an agreement of our “terms” has been reached. The purpose of this agreement is 100% transparency between performers and SPR in regards to House Costs, run of show, payout & co-operation.*


  • House Costs go to pay for our Sound Engineer and Door Manager
  • CURATORIAL FEE:  In order to support the hard work of the promoters and the curators SOME shows will have a $1 to $2 per person fee added onto the door above the cost of the show in order to compensate those who often work hardest to make a show happen, but often get paid the least or not at all... this means that an $8 show might turn into a $9 or $10 show to help support these people... At Secret Project Robot our aim is to treat all artists, curators and promoters fairly, so we will always be 100% transparent when this fee is added on...
    • If the door Grosses $0-$200 the house cost is $50,
    • If The door Grosses $201-400 the house cost $100
    • If the door Grosses $400 to $800 the house cost is $150,
    • If the door Grosses $800 to $1200 house costs are $200,
    • Shows over $1200 will take a flat $275   
  • We expect the performers to make posters and FB events for the night of their performance at least 2 weeks in advance, please forward to curator so we can add to our calendar and newsletter
  • For all band related events load is at 8pm with doors at 9pm... we do 15-20 minute sound/line checks with each band, bands desiring more sound check time need to check in with booker.
  • Each performer will receive 2 drink tickets good for Presidente draft, Miller Lite, box red wine, A well drink that uses the soda gun, i.e. a whiskey coke or vodka soda, or a shot of well liquor
  • Each performer will get 2 guest list spots, requests for more guest list spots will be meant with lower percentage of payouts to be fair to other performers.



  • Quadraphonic sound system with QSC kw-series subs, 2 QSC Kw-series 3 way loud speaker with 15" sub, 2 QSC KW-series 2 way loud speaker, 2 QSC KW-series 2 way wedge monitors.
  • Allen and Heath 16 input mixing board with efx
  • Many many microphones, nothing fancy.
  • Many RCA, 1/4 inch, XLR, 1/8 inch, and adapter cables
  • 6 channel DI box
  • Mics for drum kit
  • 6 boom mic stands
  • guitar amp Black Star Combo 2x60 watt 2x12"
  • Drum kit, bring your own symbols & snare & kick pedal
  • bass amp Ampeg combo 2x10 450 watt
  • Our DJ set up is mobile and we can accommodate different set ups in different areas in the room
  • Pioneer XDJ USB CDJ
  • 2 Pioneer Nexus 2000 cdj
  • 1 Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2
  • Technics turntables (bring your own needles)
  • Basic pioneer DJ mixer
  • Lighting, basic stage lighting
  • House light show and visuals with 4 way projectors
  • Video mixer- must bring your own laptop and connection for macs to HDMI or your video on a usb (any format)
  • Stage plot is rectangular, 12 feet wide by 11 feet deep 18" tall
  • (3) 4' foot folding tables
  • A keyboard stand