Rachel Nelson is an artist, curator, political economist and business owner who resides in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  She co-founded Secret Project Robot, an artist run art space, with her husband, Erik Zajaceskowski, in 2004. In 2013 they built, designed and opened HappyFun Hideaway a bar that thrives by creating a true work family with strong support of the artist community. In 2015 they started Flowers For all Occasions, a cafe/gallery/bar that is about having a public space for discourse and art while providing jobs to artists.  For her "free” time, Rachel went to graduate schools studying international political economy and wrote her thesis on the relationship between the rise of regulatory capture within tax systems and the rise of oligarchs.  She is interested in the ways in which human relationships can mitigate the effects of unbridled capitalism on a community.  She is a partner in the latest iteration of Secret Project Robot, and its bar called Cloud Cuckoo Land, which is collaboration between artists and friends to create a sustainable art space.  She also likes to paint really big flower paintings, neon plaid and food on found pieces of cardboard…

Erik Zajaceskowski is an artist, curator and intellectual whose interests collide with works in almost all mediums of art, not just a designer, a/v experimenter, musician or sculptor, Erik instead is first inspired by an idea and then makes art that fulfills this idea.  His work is shaped by a notion of immersion, where the artist and visitor kaleidoscope into a pandemonium of both tactile and psychological experience often maximalist and psychedelic in their aesthetic nature.  Erik has collaborated with many artists over the years most often with Raul De Nieves, Chris Uphues, Rachel Nelson and the band Black Dice.  He is also the brainchild and founder of Mighty Robot (1998-2004), an artist run party space in Brooklyn, Secret Project Robot art experiment, Happyfun Hideaway a very special bar, Flowers for all Occasions an artist run cafe and Cloud Cuckoo Land a bar attached to the new Secret Project Robot.  Erik spends a lot of time thinking about the value of artists in society and tries to consciously create a world shaped by these notions.  

Jake Dibeler is an artist originally from Philadelphia. Dibeler is primarily a performer, with an interest in film and photography. He has performed at MoMA PS1 in New York, the ICA in Philadelphia, and toured Europe extensively with his band bottoms. 

William Schmiechen is a visual artist and musician hailing from the milky state of Wisconsin. He published his first book of drawings "Peep Houses" in the fall of 2016 & has toured the US and Europe ad naseaum in various musical projects. 

Dave Kadden is a bartender and musician living in New York since late 2005.  As Invisible Circle, a project using organ, oboe, and voice to create drones and repetition to explore meditative trance states, he has toured extensively through the US and southern South America.  As an oboist, he has performed as a member of Many Mansions and CSC Funk Band, with Oneida, Awesome Color and Talk Normal, and has recorded with Anthony Braxton, MGMT, and a variety of different birds under the name Bird Muzik.  He currently resides in Brooklyn, eagerly awaiting that time of year when one can ride their bike to the beach and jump in the water.