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On April 31st, 2019, Secret Project Robot will be saying good by to our Broadway space and once again moving on to other art experiments and new awesome schemes and adventures, this will be just another leg of our 15 year journey, and we are, as always elated for the next phase of our comical missions into the absurd…

The decision comes after much deliberation on the nature of an artist run space and how it can proceed, both transactionally as a business, and act as an alternative to the business world…  In the end we found that having to focus on managing and bureaucracy and all that entails isn’t really what we want for Secret Project Robot.  Truly, we think we’d do more good expending our energy on: making our own art, culture, community, exploring the world, a new space, art experiments, illegal activities, publishing, political actions, and probably cats, as well as other things, and in other words, pursuing something other than money… 

Secret Project Robot is an artist run art space - but really it is an on running art experiment constantly studying the roles of art and the artist and how they relate to community, society, the art world, each other, etc.., so in that respect, this phase and space of Secret Project Robot, was and is a success in so many ways.  Mainly, we were able to transition from the underground to a fully legal bar,  we learned so many things in the process; however from all we gained, we feel we also lost things along the way that were particularly important to the way we have always philosophically run Secret Project Robot… We found ourselves treating the space like a job rather than a clubhouse… and to a certain extent, for us, it was impossible to recreate the authenticity of our ethos as artists.

We have had a great run on Broadway and had a lot of awesome: events, performances, art instillations and raging excessive crazy parties. With the help of, and love of so many new and old friends it has been a great learning experience and a wonderful experiment and has really expanded our world and understanding in ways we never thought of, so thanks to everyone who has helped to make our experience on broadway!

We are very excited to say that we handing over the space to our really old friends from Death By Audio Arcade, Mark and Stephanie, who will start a new adventure called Wonderville.  They will be filling it with DIY/independent video games. To help them achieve their super dreams we are giving them a ton of support, advice and even a lot of the staff will stay on, so there will be love and continuity in all directions… Also, they have started a kickstarter to raise money for the transition, so please help them with that!

We have the most amazing April shows coming up to celebrate Secret Project Robot on Broadway, we hope to see you at these events and also at all our future secret projects.




  • Quadraphonic sound system with QSC kw-series subs, 2 QSC Kw-series 3 way loud speaker with 15" sub, 2 QSC KW-series 2 way loud speaker,

  • 2 QSC KW-series 2 way wedge monitors

  • Allen and Heath Qu-24

  • Stage plot is rectangular, 12 feet wide by 11 feet deep 18" tall (see diagram)

BACKLINE FOR BANDS AND DJ's (in general all of this stuff is available, we try to keep it in good repair)

  • Many many microphones, nothing fancy.

  • Many RCA, 1/4 inch, XLR, 1/8 inch, and adapter cables

  • 6 channel DI box

  • Mics for drum kit

  • 6 boom mic stands

  • guitar amp Black Star Combo 2x60 watt 2x12"

  • Very Basic house Drum kit, bring your own symbols & snare & kick pedal

  • bass amp Ampeg combo 2x10 450 watt

  • Our DJ set up is mobile and we can accommodate different set ups in different areas in the room

  • Pioneer XDJ USB CDJ

  • 2 Pioneer Nexus 2000 cdj

  • 1 Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2

  • Technics turntables (bring your own needles)

  • Basic pioneer DJ mixer for turntables in the bar

  • Lighting, basic stage lighting

  • House light show and visuals by Secret Project Robot A/V team

  • 1 Video Projector with HDMI cable, must bring your own media player

  • (3) 4' foot folding tables

  • A keyboard stand

  • we do not have a fog machine, if you want one bring your own..

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 8.57.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 9.01.10 PM.png